A Short Film by Paul Robert Herman

College burnout, Emit Pots, is a functional schizophrenic that's put on an experimental drug
program only to discover the meds have awakened a dormant psychic ability to stop time.

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About the Film

STUCK is an allegorical short film about a college burnout named Emit Pots. He is diagnosed with schizophrenia by his psychiatrist and placed on an experimental drug trial. The new medication works wonders on his focus and clarity but has an unexpected side effect. In moments of stress, Emit discovers he's able to halt the world around him. Everyone, everything, becomes stuck in time. How Emit handles this new and unprecedented gift, however, is an entirely different matter. Does he use it wisely or does he abuse it? One thing is for sure... Karma's a bitch!

About the Process

STUCK is thematically reminiscent of an old Twilight Zone episode. The short film itself is both a stand-alone story and a teaser for a potential feature film. We made clever use of filming techniques, camera tricks, and special effects to manifest Emit's strange powers. We shot in color on digital HD, which was essential for the VFX involved. The film is fourteen minutes and thirty seconds, the perfect length for film festival submission. We have a fantastic cast and crew and we're all excited to bring the world of STUCK to the big screen.


PAUL ROBERT HERMAN graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in Psychology and a double minor in English and Philosophy. He went on to earn his teaching credentials from the University of Colorado at Boulder, specializing in Creative Writing and Cinematography. After moving to Hollywood and landing his first literary agent, Herman graduated from UCLA's Professional Screenwriting Program. Herman has written, directed, and produced several shorts. He was a producer, co-writer, and the originator of the acclaimed screenwriting documentary, Tales from the Script. He was also the coauthor of the film's companion book, published in 2010 by HarperCollins. Most recently, he was the Executive Producer and Marketing Director of Unforgettable, a documentary about the man who never forgets. Herman lives and works in Los Angeles where he is the founder and CEO of Jade Tiger Productions.


We are proud to have cast some really talented actors. Allow us to introduce them to you...


Caleb Pritchett is a recent transplant to LA from Nashville. He has primarily worked in theatre and has played a wide variety of roles from such hits as "Romeo & Juliet" and "Ragtime." He's great with improv, easy to get along with, and he's very excited to be working on this project.

"Stacy" - Mercy Herbert

Mercy Herbert hails from Montana and just recently moved to Los Angeles to persue her passion of acting. Mercy has been writing scripts with her brother since she was in elementary school. She idolized Ms. Piggy from the Muppets as a young girl because Ms. Piggy was a "chick who knew what she wanted."

"Dr. Fulton" - Richard Shelton

Richard Shelton is best known as Mr. Benson in "House of Lies." His film roles include the Oscar nominated "My Week with Marilyn" and "'Brash Young Turks." Richard was nominated as 'Best Actor in a Leading Role' at the Manchester Theatre Awards for his portrayal of Frank Sinatra in "Rat Pack Confidential."

"Hipster" - Taylor Jack Helmboldt

Taylor Helmboldt is an LA-based actor and recent graduate from the conservatory at Carnegie-Mellon University. Originally from a musical theatre background, Taylor trained and performed in Japan prior to his film career. You'll find him in festival shorts "Split", "College Carnage", and "#bromance", among others.

"Driver" - Angelica Briones

Angelica Briones developed an interest in acting after watching "The Exorcist" while young. In High School, she joined the drama department and fell in love with theatre. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Now she continues her acting career in LA, which she's happy to call home.

"Daughter" - Sophia Roney

Sophia Roney is a fun-loving, spunky actor who lives to perform, sing, and play soccer. Sophia's first role was little Cossette in "Les Miserables," where she both sang and acted with little direction. She's made appearances on Investigation Discovery, Nickelodeon, and is currently gaining experience in short films.

"Mother" - Christine Roney

Christine Roney is the real life mother of Sophia Roney. Her role in STUCK was her first foray into acting and she did a fantastic job. She was friendly, cooperative, and surprisingly talented with so little coaching. We were proud to have her be a part of the project.

"Security Guard" - David Urban

David Urban hails from La Crosse, Wis. He moved out to Los Angeles after catching the acting bug in Miami Beach. Once asked to be in front of the camera for a role, he was hooked. And after countless times being on set doing extra work in Miami Beach, it was time to take the leap to Hollywood.


Below is a list of all the talented crew members that worked on STUCK...


Paul Robert Herman is a Los Angeles filmmaker with a passion for movies and all things creative. Leadership is one of his strengths. He loves collaborating with smart, friendly people and has assembled just such a team. His full bio can be found on the About page.


AlexANDRA Glenn Prather graduated with a B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin. She helped produce a feature film that was a 2013 winner of the SFFS/KRF Filmmaking Grant, the same grant "Fruitvale Station" and "Beasts of the Southern Wild" won. She brings results!

Director of Photography

Matt Williams was once a photographer. He's now a professional cinematographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. He has made twelve documentaries, six music videos, and multiple short films. He was brought onto STUCK because he's extremely knowledgable and easy to get along with.

Editor / VFX Artist

Paul Summers grew up in Boston. He graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in cinematography and film editing. He moved to Los Angeles after film school and he's worked his way up from music videos and short films to currently working on feature films.

Assistant Director

Louis Sallerson hails from Chicago, and doesn't understand why no one in LA knows how to make a proper hot dog. He's been freelance AD'ing, producing, and line producing for the past 3 years. He's excited about STUCK and wonders if being able to stop time can be used to keep the schedule on track.

Sound Mixer

Chris Avalos is an independent audio engineer from Los Angeles, CA. His mentors include engineers Dan Garcia and Bill Schnee. He has experience working in both the recording studio and film studio environment. His most recent work was alongside Academy Award nominee, Jo Allen.

Trailer Editor

Michael Zisk graduated with a B.A. in Radio-TV-Film from the University of North Texas. He's worked with multiple production companies as an editor and visual effects artist, including a Minute Maid commercial that won the Mofilm Beijing Award in 2012. He is also a fan of Sci-Fi, which is what attracted him to STUCK.

Production Coordinator

Whitney Gries is the production coordinator on STUCK. She has been involved in theatre since she was in middle school and is now diving into the world of film. After working on several different film projects, she is extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Key Makeup

Michelle HK Kim first discovered her love of makeup artistry after moving to LA from Seoul, Korea. Her interest in the entertainment industry naturally led her to become a makeup artist. Whether she's working on film set or fashion photo shoot, she brings a distinct sensitivity to the work.

Production Designer

Andrea Murillo recently moved from Florida to California. She's always wanted to make movies ever since she was little. She's have worked on features, commercials, short films, reality TV, etc. She has a lot of fun doing her job and can't wait to work on STUCK.

Assistant Camera

Edwin Escoto was born and raised in L.A. He's a Film student at West L.A. College and a camera assistant. He's a huge Sci-Fi fan and loves all the Star Wars films. He's also an avid soccer fan and a huge fan of A.C. Milan. Film has been his passion and he hopes to tell a story on the big screen one day.

Sound Assistant

Elizabeth Avalos has a B.A. in TV, Film, and Media. Her experience includes working in development and current programming at NBCUniversal, as well as in feature and short films, where she has undertaken the roles of Sound Assistant, Production Coordinator, and Production Assistant.

Key Grip

Henry Vasquez is a Film student currently earning his Associates Degree. When not out in the field helping out on film sets, he's usually doing research on the latest film tips or just watching awesome movies. He's motivated, enthusiastic, and an all around cool guy to be around.

Best Boy

Joel Smith is originally from New Jersey and currently a film student at the Art institute in Los Angeles. He's studying digital filmmaking with a focus on color correction and editing. More than money and fame, he's interested Film as a true form of Art.

PA/Set Medic

Meredith D'Anna hails from the San Fernando Valley of California. She has a degree in Nursing from Humboldt State University, but has always been passionate about film and on-set work. She's currently gaining experience as a Set Medic and PA and is excited about being part of the STUCK crew.

Set Photographer

Carlos Uribe is a native Los Angelino. He has worked in the film and music industry for the past eight years as a film score composer and a production photographer.


There were also a few songs from professional musicians in the film. Here are the links to check out or purchase their music:


Scott Spriggs

News Timeline

Internet Movie Database

[March 20, 2015] - The film now has a page on IMDb.com. Click here to check it out.

The Finish Line

[November 7, 2014] - The film is finally complete and ready for festival submission. We're very excited about the outcome! Stay tuned for news about an upcoming screening.

Soundtrack Songs

[October 20, 2014] - As we wrap up post-production, I'm excited to report a couple of national bands have contributed songs to the STUCK soundtrack!

Music and Sound

[September 19, 2014] - The film is now in the hands of the sound designer and composer. Very close to completion!

Pickups and ADR

[July 14, 2014] - We got some final pickup shots and took care of the ADR today. Making serious progress.

Trailer Completed

[May 28, 2014] - The rough cut of STUCK has been completed and is already looking fantastic. We're very excited to see how the special effects turn out.

Trailer Completed

[May 10, 2014] - The festival trailer for STUCK has been completed and posted on the Gallery page. Check it out!

Editor Joins the Team

[March 27, 2014] - We brought an enthusiastic Editor & VFX Artist on board.

That's a Wrap!

[March 9, 2014] - Except for some ADR and possible pickup shots, we've completed principal photography and are excited about post-production.

Third Weekend in the Can

[February 24, 2014] - We shot the Bathroom Mirror scene, the Car scene, and the Psychiatrist scene. Only one scene of the movie left to shoot!

Second Weekend in the Can

[February 16, 2014] - Another fantastic weekend of shooting in the can. Cafe scene and Armored Truck scene both went better than expected.

Scored the Armored Truck

[February 13, 2014] - Locked down the Armored Truck for this weekend's shoot. In fact, it's the same Armored Truck that was used in the movie "In Time" with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

First Weekend in the Can

[February 10, 2014] - Our first weekend of shooting is in the can. Everything went off without a hitch. So proud of everyone involved.

First Day of Principal

[February 8, 2014] - Our first day of principal photography was an outstanding success. The cast and crew were all rock stars!

Majority of Locations Locked

[February 5, 2014] - We have our Apartment scene, Psychiatrist's scene, and Cafe scene locations locked. We are so grateful to those who were willing to work with us.

Second Crew Meeting

[February 1, 2014] - We held our final crew meeting before principle photography. Everyone is excited and rearing to go!

Crowdfunding Complete

[January 31, 2014] - We raised enough of our budget to shoot a fantastic short film. We have all our generous backers to thank for helping us make this the best film possible.

Casting Complete

[January 29, 2014] - We have rounded out the casting for our film with some fantastic actors. We can't wait to see their performances on camera.

Auditions - Round Two

[January 25, 2014] - Held our second round of auditions, as well as callbacks. What a great day and so many talented actors. Tough decisions in the days head!

Kickstarter Milestone

[January 22, 2014] - We broke the $5000 mark on Kickstarter! More stretch goals were unlocked as well.

Auditions - Round One

[January 18, 2014] - Held auditions for several roles in the film. It was a fantastic day and we met a lot of talented actors! More auditions and callbacks on the 25th.

Casting Call

[January 14, 2014] - The STUCK casting call went out through Breakdown Services. We've already received a huge number of submissions for our upcoming auditions!

First Crew Meeting

[January 11, 2014] - Our first full crew meeting went better than planned. The whole crew got along great, we covered everything on the agenda, and everyone is very excited to begin shooting in February.

Investor Search Begins

[January 9, 2014] - Our Investor Guide is complete and we are seeking some high-end backers to complete our budget. If you're interested in a "Co-Producer or "Co-Executive Producer" credit, complete with VIP perks and a return-on-investment, then contact us for more information.

One goal met

[January 2, 2014] - We passed the 100% mark on our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign!

Three-Quarters of the Way There

[December 30, 2013] - We passed the 75% mark on our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign!

Over Half Way There

[December 26, 2013] - We passed the 50% mark on our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign!

More Crew Hirings

[December 23, 2013] - We brought a few more excellent crew members onto the project and will be holding our final round of interviews for the remaining positions in mid-January.

Crew Interviews - Round Two

[December 20, 2013] - Our second round of crew interviews went extremely well.

Teaser Shoot

[December 16, 2013] - Shot footage for our teaser video. Matt Williams, our DP, volunteered to edit the piece.

Next Crew Call

[December 12, 2013] - Our next crew call went out on Mandy.com.

Kickstarter Launched

[December 9, 2013] - We launched our Kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign.

IndieGoGo Launched

[December 8, 2013] - We launched our IndieGoGo crowdsourcing campaign.

Crew Hirings

[November 13, 2013] - We brought several excellent crew members onto the project and will be holding another round of interviews for the remaining positions in mid-December.

Crew Interviews - Round One

[November 7, 2013] - We held our first round of crew interviews and met several extremely talented people.

Crew Call

[October 28, 2013] - A crew call went out for various open positions on the film.


[October 19, 2013] - The project officially goes into pre-production.


[October 17, 2013] - Paul finishes building the official website for the film and launches it at www.StuckTime.com. It's a "responsive design" website that's equally suited to desktops, tablets, and smart phones alike.

Technical Advisor

[September 11, 2013] - Paul consulted with a world famous time-perception expert on some of the jargon and technical aspects of the story, boosting the realism of its inherent sci-fi elements.


[September 02, 2013] - After some research into the evolution of editing technology, Paul decides to dust off the original script and revisit the short as initially conceived. He writes several new drafts and begins looking into the feasibility of shooting it this time.

Another Direction

[January, 2002] - Paul takes the script in a new direction, which leads to the production of his short film Tempus Fugit. The film is a great experience and makes it into several festivals.

First Draft

[June, 2001] - Paul writes an early draft of his idea as a short film to serve as a teaser for a feature length film. Although praised on the concept, the script is ultimately shelved. With the level of editing technology at the time, the required special effects were unaffordable as a low-budget production.


[December, 2000] - Paul Herman develops the concept for the film.

Sponsors & Acknowledgements

Companies and individuals who supported the project are posted below...