Website Makeovers

Do you have an outdated website that's actually doing your company more harm than good? Jade Tiger Productions can put your money to work. Can you imagine a modernized website and an updated marketing image? Can you imagine your current non-producing site evolving to meet your expectations? Just imagine what it would be like to have a website that impresses visitors and initiates the inquiries or orders you desire. What an exhilarating feeling to experience your site producing quantifiable results!

Here's an analogy we often give to inquiring clients. Suppose you're driving your car down the street and you need to stop for gas. Often, you see two gas stations on opposite street corners. The gas station to your left is a rundown service station that's been around for years. The gas station to your right is a bright, clean, modern, well-maintained gas mart. Now the service station to your left might be cheaper, friendlier and more trustworthy. However, you're more likely to pull into the gas station on your right because they have gone out of their way to make a positive first impression. The same principle applies to websites. You and your company may be smart, competent and reliable. However, if it's not reflected in your first impression, i.e. your site, many customers won't stick around to find out. This article by Forbes magazine explains a lot.

Expand Your Horizons by Rebuilding Your Website

Your website should be considered an investment and we all want a return on our investment. With brochures or other print media, you get one chance to do it right. Once printed, you can't make updates and when the brochures run out, you need to spend more money on another printing run (not to mention the trees wasted). On the other hand, a website is a permanent fixture that can be updated quickly and inexpensively. It's more swiftly disseminated and visitors can find your site even after hours. They're not merely limited by their exposure to printed materials. From our informal surveys, most customers see a return on their investment within a couple months. This return on investment comes in the form of proportionally increased business. After that, the site forever remains a strategic marketing tool.